When a workflow is triggered by a webhook, it would be extremely helpful to have an option to receive the output of the entire workflow (when no other inputs are required for execution) as a JSON file, rather than simply returning the status and body (e.g., "200 Success").

Example: A Webhook is triggered and receives JSON data necessary for a new event to be created in Google Calendar. The next step in the workflow creates the actual event in Google Calendar and returns the internal Google Calendar event ID (that can be referenced in subsequent queries to update or delete the created event). It would be incredibly useful if the workflow-triggering Webhook also returned the data, in this case the event ID, that the calling app on the client side would parse and store. Currently, I send myself an email at the end of the workflow that contains the event ID, and I have to manually copy and store this event ID in the app.

I understand that in some cases, latency may be an issue, since certain workflow steps may depend on external services. In this case, a response timeout may be pre-set that would respond with a canned code/message if the workflow times out.